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General Discussion about just::thread / 200 concurrent accessors limit?
« Last post by sodapop on March 04, 2014, 07:17:48 PM »
I read through the justthread documentation for the jss::concurrent_map and it said that it can allow concurrent access from 200 connections. What imposes the 200 limit? Can that be increased?
General Discussion about just::thread / MVCC
« Last post by sodapop on March 04, 2014, 07:14:43 PM »
Is there any documentation on how to implement MVCC in a jss::concurrent_map? The whole idea is to not lock the map for writing when there might be multiple threads reading from the map.
Is there anyone on the forums who knows how to serialize a jss::concurrent_map? Are there any built in functions to do this?

By "serialize", I assume you mean write out to a stream. No, there are no functions supplied to do this. You could use the iteration interface:

Code: [Select]
jss::concurrent_map<int,unsigned> map;
for(jss::concurrent_map<int,unsigned>::iterator it=map.begin(),end=map.end();it!=end;++it){

Of course, if another thread modifies the map in the mean time then you may or may not see their modifications.
General Discussion about just::thread / Serialization of jss::concurrent_map
« Last post by sodapop on March 04, 2014, 05:34:47 PM »
Is there anyone on the forums who knows how to serialize a jss::concurrent_map? Are there any built in functions to do this?
Excellent. I'll roll that out to everyone.
The problem is fixed.
Thank you. ;D
I will test it over weekends and let you know.

After running your test program many times I managed to encounter a problem. It appeared to be a race condition in the internal logic of std::async. I have rewritten the relevant section, and have not encountered any further problems after running the program many more times.

I've added a v1.8.3.1 preview to your package. Please can you download and test.


The Intel C++ Compiler is not currently supported. There are plans to port to it, but we have no definite time frame --- early port attempts demonstrated that it is more complicated than expected.
Hi All,

I just bought a copy of just::thread, and have high hopes for successful C++11 compliant multi-threading. 

I did a test compile of my code with VS2008 after inserting "#include <thread>" and all seems ok.  However, when I switched to the Intel C++ Compiler from within VS and recompiled I get lots of complaints:

1>C:\Program Files (x86)\JustSoftwareSolutions\JustThread\include\jss/config.hpp(333): error: expected an identifier
1>                                   ^


So, I have two questions.  One, is there a mechanism for getting just::thread to work with the latest Intel C++ compiler from within the VS2008 IDE?  If so, what is it?

I don't believe this question has been raised previously in this forum, but apologize in advance if I am wrong (if so, please direct me as appropriate).


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