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Construct a std::experimental::packaged_task object with an associated task and asynchronous result, using the supplied allocator to allocate memory for the associated asynchronous result and task.

template<typename Allocator,typename Callable>
    std::allocator_arg_t, Allocator const& alloc,
    Callable func);


The expression func(args...) shall be valid, where each element args-i in args... shall be a value of the corresponding type ArgTypes-i in ArgTypes.... The return value shall be convertible to ResultType.


Constructs a std::experimental::packaged_task instance with an associated asynchronous result of type ResultType that is not ready and an associated task of type Callable that is a copy of func. The memory for the asynchronous result and task is allocated through the allocator alloc.


Any exception thrown by the allocator when trying to allocate memory for the asynchronous result or task. Any exception thrown by the copy or move constructor of Callable.


#include <experimental/future>

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