Win a copy of just::thread in our Halloween Contest

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Yes, that's right — this Halloween we've got 3 copies of the just::thread portability pack worth £100 to give away. The Portability Pack provides implementations of just::thread for both Linux and Windows, so you can use the same code for both platforms right off the bat.

Not only does just::thread provide a complete implementation of the C++0x standard thread library for Windows and Linux, but it also includes a special deadlock detection mode. If deadlocks are sucking the life out of your multithreaded code then the deadlock detection mode can get straight to the heart of the problem and tell you which synchronization objects are the cause of the problem, which threads are waiting and where. Crucially, the library will also tell you which thread owns each object, and where it took ownership.

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The Winners

Thank you everyone for your entries. The concurrency stories made great reading. The winners of the just::thread portability pack are:

Thank you everyone for entering.