just::thread Complete C++ Standard Thread Library by Just Software Solutions

C++ Standard Thread Library

The C++ standard (C++11) supports multithreading and concurrency both as an inherent part of the memory model, and as part of the C++ Standard Library.

With the just::thread C++ Standard Thread Library implementation, you can start using the C++11/14 thread library today — no need to wait for a new compiler.

For more information, please see below for an overview, or the full documentation.

Order your copy of just::thread today, and get started within minutes.

New: just::thread Pro: Actors Edition

The first release of Just::Thread Pro is here. The Actors Edition provides a framework for creating actors that run on separate threads, and communicate via message passing, as well as jss::synchronized_value for synchronizing access to a single object and jss::concurrent_map, a hash map that is safe for concurrent access from multiple threads.

For more information, please see the overview, or the full documentation.

Order your copy of just::thread Pro: Actors today, and get started within minutes.

What do you get with just::thread?

  • A complete implementation of the C++11 and C++14 standard thread library. just::thread provides tight adherence to the C++11 and C++14 Standard.
  • Support for detecting the cause of deadlocks, including full stack traces of the code leading up to the deadlock.
  • FREE updates — if the library is updated to fix any bugs or improve the conformance with the C++11 standard, you will be entitled to a free upgrade to any V2.x release.
  • A royalty free license for a single developer. Once you've purchased a license for each of your developers, you don't need to pay us a penny more, even if you ship a million copies of your application.
  • A 30 day money-back guarantee. If the library doesn't meet your expectations, let us know, and we'll issue you with a refund.
  • Dedicated support — every post to our support forum is answered.
  • Portable code — by using the multithreading facilities from the C++ standard your code will be portable across platforms and compilers, both now (for plaforms and compilers supported by just::thread) and in the future (as more compiler and library vendors add support).