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Construct a new std::experimental::shared_ptr object that owns the supplied pointer and deleter, using the supplied allocator to allocate and deallocate the control block.

template<class Target,class Deleter,class Allocator>
explicit shared_ptr(Target* p,Deleter d,Allocator a);


Target* is implicitly convertible to T*. d(p) is well-formed. Deleter is CopyConstructible. Allocator is meets the allocator requirements.


Construct a new std::experimental::shared_ptr instance that owns p and a copy of d, using a copy of a to allocate the control block. A copy of 'a' will then be used to deallocate the control block when the last std::experimental::shared_ptr instance referencing this is destroyed or reassigned.


If sp is the newly-constructed std::experimental::shared_ptr object, sp.unique() and sp.get()==static_cast<T*>(p) and get_deleter<Deleter>(sp)!=0.


This allows you to construct a std::experimental::shared_ptr for which get member function is nullptr, but use_count member function is non-zero.


Any exception thrown by the allocator if memory for the internal data structures of std::experimental::shared_ptr could not be allocated.


If an exception is thrown, d(p) is invoked.


#include <experimental/atomic>

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